I am currently a copy-editor and writer for the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom radio show. You can find out more at bobandtom.com or listen to the show through the Bob & Tom app.

I write and perform all of my own work at An Evening with the Authors - a monthly comedy showcase that blends literary satire with sketch comedy. The show occurs on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the White Rabbit Cabaret in Indianapolis, IN. Visit An Evening with the Authors* Facebook page or The White Rabbit Cabaret's dedicated page to learn more.

Infrequently, when the mood strikes, and the planets are in their proper alignment, and I have an idea that I have yet to suppress, I might take a crack at writing in this blog here entitled Works Untitled. That's where I dump all the things I'm too chickenshit to polish and send to established writing websites in hopes of becoming a real writer someday.