Photo Rates


Are you looking for photography services? Here are my rates:

  • Baseline studio session: $100 / hour
  • 5 edited high resolution JPG images: $50
  • Each additional image is $10

Rentals: If a piece of equipment is required for the shoot ( a certain lens I do not own, certain lighting I do not own), then the cost of the equipment rental will be included in the invoice.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not use cheap services to print your photos. Here are some photo printing sources that I recommend to ensure you get the highest quality prints from your images:



The above stated fee is for a single-person portrait session. There is an additional fee of $25 for each person additional person. Fees for groups of five or larger will need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


Location Fee

There is an additional travel fee of $25 for shooting at a location other than the studio.


Digital Negatives

I do not normally distribute my digital negatives. If you would like to review your unedited photos, I can provide small proof images upon request. If you wish to own the digital negatives, please contact me directly about negotiating a buyout fee.


Photo Licensing

Have we worked together before and you would like to use an image I have taken of you for promotional material? Please contact me directly to discuss licensing fees.

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