A Year In Review

A lot happens in a year. I always try to remind myself of this platitude often as I'm predisposed to getting down on myself, to thinking I'm not doing enough to advance my career and my life, to forgetting how far I've come. This time last year, my future was pretty nebulous. I had only been established in Indianapolis a few months. My diploma was still pretty fresh. I didn't have very many friends here. I was just beginning to perform with An Evening with the Authors* at the White Rabbit Cabaret.

In that year, so much has happened. I not only started belly dancing, but I advanced more quickly than I anticipated and was welcomed into the Indy Tribal student troupe, Mandali Tribal Sisters, much sooner than I expected. Ever since I saw a video of a Rachel Brice performance when I was 15, I had always wanted to belly dance. My parents were pretty adamant that the time I spent on acting in school was already too much frivolity, so that dream deteriorated into an admiration for dancers and artists and performers. I literally could not imagine that ten years later, I'd be making my belly wave and bumping my hips to a Balkan beat. Here's a video of one of my first public performances as a belly dancer. 

I tried stand up comedy for the first time this year and, to my surprise, got a few laughs. I continued to create characters for An Evening with the Authors* and became a regular on the White Rabbit Stage. I thought my days on the stage were very much over in high school. 

Rocketship Comedy has also grown immensely this past year and I am proud to have contributed to that project. In addition to the website you're currently reading this post on, I worked on Rocketship's website to make it functional yet aesthetically pleasing. I purchased a new lens for photographing shows and have been improving my skills all the while. I had never thought that I would work in the realm of social media and am both excited and daunted at the challenge of learning social media marketing through this experience.

In that last twelve months, I was booked for more photo gigs than in all my years practicing photography combined. I was privileged to photograph Beats Antique, one of my favorite bands. I have taken the head shots of a number of comedians, photographed numerous stand up comedy shows, taken family portraits and hopefully, some artistic photos thrown in there, too. I've essentially filled a 5TB hard drive with just photographs this year.

I'm a pessimistic person, a depressed person more often than not, and a very anxious person. My words when spoken often resemble verbal vomit rather than eloquent and verbose expressions of wit. My impulse is to run away from people and positive vibes. This year had more than its fair share of emotional challenges and I did my fair share of hiding under the covers. And crying. And self-loathing. And so, it takes a great deal of effort to sit down and reflect on my progress without telling myself, "You probably could have done more," or "You should be doing better." So, with that being said, I would like to post my favorite photos from each month of this year with no further reflection.


Jake Head - Rocketship Comedy at Flat 12 Bierwerks


Sam Griswold

Phillip Yung


Sean Patton - Rocketship Comedy at Sabbatical

David Britton - Bearded Ladies

Keith Ray - Bearded Ladies

Foggy night on my street


Antonio Edmonds

Indianapolis Zoo

Geoff Tate - Rocketship Comedy at
Flat 12 Bierwerks

Wille Bostic - Rocketship Comedy at
Flat 12 Bierwerks


Stephen Vincent Giles

The Wowie Zowie Show at the
White Rabbit Cabaret

Mitch Burrow


Jeff Vibbert

Elise Whitaker



Los Angeles

Kamari Stevens - Rocketship Comedy at Flat 12 Bierwerks


Indiana State Fair

Tyson Cox


Wedding practice - Roberts Imaging Seminar



Indy Tribal and Mandali Tribal Sisters

Moon Hooch - Beats Antique at the Vogue Theatre

Beats Antique at the Vogue Theatre



The Sedgwicks


IMA Gardens

Vail, CO