35mm Film - Black and White from Autumn

I don't know why I hardly use black and white 35mm film. Perhaps because I can still manage to buy a 10 pack of Ultrafine Xtreme black and white film for $30 and that just doesn't happen for other film. I had a grab bag film order and received a roll of Kentmere 100 Black and White film, popped it into my Olympus OM-G camera and took some photos throughout the fall.

Thrifted Finds: Kodak Pocket Instamatic 40 Camera

The first Saturday of the month is Goodwill day. Everything at Goodwill stores is 50% off. Not far from our local Goodwill is a store called "Vintage Vogue," which is a subsidiary of the former. Basically, Goodwill takes their "best" merchandise (arbitrarily, it seems) and marks them up a few dollars. On 50% off day, it's worth the trip.

About two months ago, my boyfriend was digging around the miscellany when he came upon a little brown pouch with a long strap. Within, he found a small camera. Knowing how geeky I am for film cameras, he ran up to me as I was trying on over sized blazers and showed me the item. I opened the pouch to see a sad little Instamatic with the company's emblem plate taped on. I was going to leave it, thinking it was a camera that I couldn't buy film for. Lucky for me, he shrugged me off and decided to get it anyway as it was only three dollars. Then I noticed that it was a 110 camera and that there was no battery necessary. Then I bought it for myself and I'm glad the only defect was the taped on KODAK plate.

I took it to the Monon trail before dropping off a roll of black and white film at Indianapolis's Mr. Poster. I wasted about four exposures not knowing how to open the shutter, but the rest turned out pretty great.

Birds on the Canal

I've been "busy" (video games, personal problems, coping with more video games, other work, mostly video games) and had not gotten around editing these photos from September. But here they are - I edited them in between playing Costume Quest and writing.

This was on the Canal in downtown Indianapolis. People feed these ducks and geese so they get very close to you expecting you to have bread.

I really liked that one goose.