The First Snow

Technically, the first snow of the year happened on Halloween night here in Indianapolis. However, we got our first substantial snowfall yesterday and am now posting the pictures.

I took the photos on the now discontinued FP-3000b film and of course I squandered a few exposures. And I'm still racked with guilt. In my haste to peel apart the film, I dripped melted snow (so water) on the negative of my favorite photo and destroyed it partially. I also ruined another negative this way, but it wasn't nearly as good of a photo.

FujiFilm FP-3000b

A little while ago, I saw that Amazon had temporarily lowered the price of the now discontinued FujiFilm FP3000b film. It's an instant 3x4 film in Black and White. I couldn't have been more excited to test it out.

My model is Sam, the burgeoning lumberjack.

I forgot that the film speed is 3000 so they're a little overexposed, but I still love them. I wish I had known about this petition to save the film from extinction a while ago. I better make some money and stock up on the now dwindling stock left over and do what I can with them before they expire.