Vail in Film

Last month I went on vacation to Vail, CO. I'm not a bad skier, but not an avid one either. Skiing, however, does afford me the opportunity to take in some of the more magnificent views Colorado has to offer. I took a Nikon FM2 that I received as a gift from my boyfriend's dad. I would have been totally lost without the internal light meter serving as my exposure guide. I know I'm always learning, but I realize how much I have yet to learn. These are some of my favorite photos ever. Please enjoy them as much as I am.

Kodak Ektar 100


Lomography 400


Kodak Portra 400

Lo-Fi Fun: Nikonos Edition

In July of this year, I vacationed in Bermuda. The weather was lovely despite the sweltering heat that was only surpassed in intensity by the humidity. Just before my trip, I purchased a Nikonos IV-A on eBay.  The results are derpy at best and I had some trouble scanning the negatives... but here they are.

SX-70 in the Alley Way

While I was taking these photos, some guy claiming to be a photographer for the Associated Press was a pretty big jerk to me. Read about it here: link. Otherwise, look at the photos.