Thrifted Finds: Kodak Pocket Instamatic 40 Camera

The first Saturday of the month is Goodwill day. Everything at Goodwill stores is 50% off. Not far from our local Goodwill is a store called "Vintage Vogue," which is a subsidiary of the former. Basically, Goodwill takes their "best" merchandise (arbitrarily, it seems) and marks them up a few dollars. On 50% off day, it's worth the trip.

About two months ago, my boyfriend was digging around the miscellany when he came upon a little brown pouch with a long strap. Within, he found a small camera. Knowing how geeky I am for film cameras, he ran up to me as I was trying on over sized blazers and showed me the item. I opened the pouch to see a sad little Instamatic with the company's emblem plate taped on. I was going to leave it, thinking it was a camera that I couldn't buy film for. Lucky for me, he shrugged me off and decided to get it anyway as it was only three dollars. Then I noticed that it was a 110 camera and that there was no battery necessary. Then I bought it for myself and I'm glad the only defect was the taped on KODAK plate.

I took it to the Monon trail before dropping off a roll of black and white film at Indianapolis's Mr. Poster. I wasted about four exposures not knowing how to open the shutter, but the rest turned out pretty great.