While I mostly use this site for my photography, but I'm also a performer. Below are some of the things that I've done on stage in 2016:

In November, 2014, I got to do my first bit for An Evening with the Authors* - an agoraphobic author who tries to give a reading from her book, but has a panic attack on stage. Since then, I've thought up a whole slew of characters. This August, I got to perform alongside many other Indiana comedians at the Indy Fringe festival. We were listed as part of the 11 acts to see as recommended by the Indy Star. The show is still going strong despite losing its creator back in April when the wonderful, eloquent, brilliant, incompatible, amazing, hilarious, and just perfect person Jim Leugers passed away.

In September, I was interviewed for an article in the Indy Star about women in comedy by Lori Fulk. You can read the article here: link to "5 Indy female comedians you need to know." I will always have Jim to thank for taking a chance on a lady he didn't really know at all and letting her pretend to have a full blown melt down in front of his audience. I miss you the most and I hope you're taking ever bit of credit for whatever success I'm cobbling together wherever it is that you are.

Hosting An Evening with the Authors at IndyFringe 2016 Credit:  IndyFringe

Hosting An Evening with the Authors at IndyFringe 2016
Credit: IndyFringe

Belly Dance
It's been a little over two years since I saw a flyer for belly dance classes, took the instructor's contact information, and attended my first ATS® Belly Dance class with Jeana Jorgensen.

In July, I was accepted into Indy Tribal - the Fat Chance Belly Dance® sister studio in Indianapolis. *Screams internally and externally oh my god so much screaming!* Just before then, Indy Tribal allowed me to dance with them at Tribal Revolution 2016 - a massive belly dance event in Illinois. Here is a video of our performance:


I really am quite awful at recognizing personal achievements, holding onto them, or even remembering that they even happened. I often feel as though I've accomplished nothing, that I've done nothing, that I've wasted so much time. Laying it all out in a blog post seems like humble-bragging at worst, self promotion at best, and awkward regardless, but it's helpful to me to see how far I've come. So 2016, you've been a garbage year with your illnesses and your death... but you've also given me a lot. Hopefully, there's more good stuff on the way.