Fountain Square Music Festival

I cannot believe how infrequently I update this blog... or any of my pages for that matter (well, I'm not quite so bad with my Facebook or Instagram). 

At the end of March, a friend of mine (Philip Yung of EARKMILK) asked me to take some photos at the Fountain Square Music Festival - a two day music extravaganza in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. Naturally, I was already salivating at the very chance, so I accepted without hesitation. Andrew WK headlining the Friday stage!? C'mon! 

I went, found some new bands I'm not obsessed with, and took some of my favorite photos ever there. Have a look:

Day 1

Andrew W.K. (I took SO many photos - he has to get his own album)

Day 2

Special shout out to Joyful Noise Recordings - an Indianapolis-based label that represents LIL BUB, Reptar, Yoni & Geti, Sound of Ceres, and Surfer Blood (among a bunch of other amazing bands)