52 Polaroids

It's hard trying to post the photos everywhere that I do post them. I've managed to stay up-to-date on my Facebook album devoted to the project and mostly on Instagram too, but I've neglected my website. Here are my photos from the last few weeks:

I'm learning about the difficulties of Impossible Project film, I'm mourning the loss of FujiFilm's FP-3000b peel-apart film that has long since been discontinued and is now the world's remaining stocks are expiring. They're also climbing in price on eBay, so it isn't likely I'll get to have many more experiences with it until a new Kickstarter project comes along.  That being said, Cinestill's lates campaign is gaining lots of momentum. 

With every photo I post to 52 Polaroids, there are twice as many duds that I took, or even good ones that I didn't choose for the week. I think it defeats the purpose of the project not to take a brand new photo each week, so some goods ones and not so good ones go in my Outtakes pile. Here are the ones from the last few weeks:

So there you have it; Polaroids.